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Naughty Day – Merry Christmas for everyone

Naughty Day started when my daughter asked me why it was that you always had to be good. I answered that you did not have to. What’s more sometimes you have to be naughty in order to be able to distinguish between being good and being naughty. Of course she did not understand. She did understand, however, when I announced that we were going to spend the weekend without Mom, just the three of us, and one of the days was going to be Naughty Day.

My children could not be waiting for it. They told everyone that they were facing a day when they could do whatever they wanted. Teachers in the nursery, parents and people in the church walked up to me to ask what it was all about as my children had been talking about how good it was going to be with Daddy. They were not required to behave well and obey Daddy’s orders, as that was what Naughty Day was about.

The day finally arrived; they jumped into the bed next to me, and said that we could start by staying in PJs all day. :) I indeed felt the urge to lay down two important rules as, according to the penal law, I am their father. “Rule One” was that no act against life was allowed which means anything that can hurt or cause pain to anybody. So if my little prince had been asking my little princess to jump off the balcony that would have definitely been covered by Rule One, thus it could not be performed. “Rule Two” was that, though they could do everything and anything they wanted, they had to face the consequences of their acts. After discussing the rules we jointly hugged each other and let the 24-hour-long anarchy start.

My lad started by collecting all his four-wheeled vehicles in one box, placing the box in the top of the staircase and launching a ton of cars accompanied by shouting “Hoooraaaay”. My gal wanted to eat as much ice-cream as she could instead of the fact that it was winter. She even wanted to bring the ice-cream with herself to the restroom. Though I can imagine your face now, my dearest reader, I was not against her idea as it was not violating the two rules.

The cute innocence in the story is that, for them, being naughty means to violate all the everyday rules set up by us, adults. It was an incredible experience. I could not do anything but laugh with them at the committed “mustn’t dos”. We baked cookies and the flour spilt on the floor was used as canvas for drawing by my daughter. For lunch they had chocolate and for dinner some meat by itself. Milk was drunk from the carton; Marmalade was eaten from the jar with a huge spoon. Joking around and jumping up from the table was the norm for eating. Drawing was continued further by drawing on the forehead, face and tongue. Well we had some sensible actions too, like baking chestnut and creating chestnut dummies.

So being naughty, for them, was not really about doing something bad but about doing something that might annoy me. It is something that I do not let them do because it is uncomfortable for me or something that they do not know the consequence of.

By the way talking about consequence… In the afternoon my boy stepped on a toy while half-insanely dancing to the loud music and started crying because of his aching foot. Daddy, of course, felt sorry for him but he knew what had happened and why it had happened. Then we started tidying the place as Mommy had told Poppy that everything could be done until everything was tidied up when she got home. Rule Two, regulating consequences, let the children know that all the toys had to be put away.

Reminiscing, I think this was the point when the perfect day started to show its flaws. The peak point was when my girl vomited all the ice-cream mixed with chocolate that she had had all day (relax, I was easy with consequences at this point, and did not make my girl clean the car up). Then as a consequence of the playing all afternoon instead of having a rest, we were so tired that we could barely stay with eyes open when we arrived home. Of course as a perfect closing for the day the bath-tub had to be filled up to its brim to leave room for splashing out as much water as it was possible.

Imagine the rest: when I entered the bathroom with their PJs in my hand, I witnessed my naked children cleaning up all the water they had splashed out. They were so unskilled and unexperienced handling the rod of the mop to make the consequence of the desired game disappear. Then my daughter looked into my eyes and said:
‘Poppy, it’s not that good at all being naughty. We have discussed that it was enough and we are going to be good from tomorrow on.’
I just hugged together the two little innocent guys fast but I guess they could see it in my eyes that I was moved.

With this tiny bit of goodness I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

P.S.: Their mother is, by the way, the Superwoman. She always says that I describe her as a crone, but hereby I state, that she is not! :)


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